• Services Provided

    We have the capabilities to follow your project from start to finish. MMC has the experience and knowledge to handle every aspect of your particular project.

    We have experience with:

    • - Crop Management & Rent Analysis
    • - Land Leases
    • - Land Acquisition
    • - Wetland Habitat Restoration and Enhancement, both Design and Implementation
    • - Carbon Sequestration; sampling, registration, and marketing.

    We will do initial consultation and site visit to evaluate the property. During this consultation we will meet with you to identify your personal goals and/or ideas for the property. After the initial consultation we will:

    • Make a list of your personal goals
    • Evaluate your options
    • Customize Best Management Practices to reflect your goals and maximize the economic benefits

    Next we will schedule a second visit with representatives, from various agencies, identified as advocates through the initial evaluation. From there we will put together a final draft of options and proceed at your discretion.

  • Mailing Address

    P.O. Box 128
    Fairfield, NC 27826
    HYDE County

    Phone: 252-926-9664
    Fax: 252-926-9635

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